5 Important Questions to Ask Successful People

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If you ever run into Donald Trump, Lee Iacocca or Warren Buffett in an elevator – what would you ask them? Imagine, getting this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity just like that; wouldn’t it be wise to use that time as constructively as possible? Although, the chances of meeting any of these people might be relatively miniscule, your chances of running into any individual you consider being a successful person is considerably higher. When that takes place, it would be great to have a speech prepared as it would be a lost opportunity if you think that you would be able to just wing it.

Successful people

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Let’s look at some of the questions you might want to mentally prepare yourself in order to get some of the finest career guidance advice and insights from successful people.

1. When did you realise you had become successful?

According to experts, individuals define success during different stages of their lives. For example, some of the few ways that people actually define success can be through wealth accumulation, enhanced lifestyle choices, creating social impact, increased leisure time etc. among the others. Asking this question can yield immense insight into the priorities and values of the successful person.

2. What is your secret to pushing through your bad times?

Although the reason for asking such a question can be purely selfish, that is, the answer would help you to create your own path of success by understanding how successful individuals coped with situations, thus deriving inspiration from their experiences. For instance, you might be facing some pushback at your job over a certain issue, but if you were to meet a successful marketer and his/her recommendation would be to disregard the pessimism in your environment and continue to concentrate on your goals, this advice can actually help you in increasing your productivity by following the recommendation.

3. What do you attribute your success to?

An important question to ask successful people is about their daily routines so that you will be able to learn and know more about the daily steps that they keep and the habits they maintain, that can help in fostering an environment of success. Being a broad-based question, the answers may typically reveal simple steps that anyone can follow in order to meet their goals.

4. How do you wake up each morning?

People can either wake up worrying about pressing needs or something bad that may take place or wake being fresh and excited about new opportunities. This is a good question to ask successful people, a successful individual is often concentrating not just on the present but also on the future. Knowing more from this question can help you in understanding the trends in their particular industry or the challenges they might be facing.

5. Are you open to hiring?

Although this might seem to be an extremely forward question, chances are you might never know if it can work in your favour. By being a tad bold, you can approach the question and find out if there are opportunities for internships or jobs that can help you to work side-by-side with the successful people and gain valuable experience and knowledge from there.


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