Factors to Consider When Accepting Job Offer

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When considering a new job offer, it is important to make sure certain personal factors are fully prioritized. It is not always in your interest to accept any job offer even in the tough market. It’s important to prioritize what are the most important factors before you accept any job offer.

Here are my 11 point guidance for evaluating a job offer and of course which should be aligned to your personal priorities.job offer

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1. Fair Compensation

If this is not the key reason for you, you are lucky and congrats. However, compensation still continue to be a key factor for many people in considering a job offer.

For every job offer, you should also consider whether the compensation offered is fair compared to your responsibilities and experience.

2. Challenging Work

In long run, this could be the most important point for everyone. It is even important than money for some people. Definition of challenging job influence by our individual differences, however if you take an unchallenging job you will most likely quit or get stressed. Generally challenging job offers sense of fulfilment to the job holder. It is therefore important to ask yourself, would the position allow you to use the skills you enjoy most?

Doing What You Like Is Freedom and Liking What You Do Is Happiness

3. Does the Job offer Learning & Development

Don’t forget about the learning and development opportunities.  Again this can be very important for new graduates who want to learn more in the early days of their career.

4. Flexible Work Arrangements

This is not common in Africa but flex work arrangement includes 4 days a week, working from home etc. It help employees to balance work and life situations.

5. Good Relationship with your Superior

Some job descriptions offers great satisfaction on the paper. Hey, wait until you met your supervisor. If it is possible, it may be very helpful to meet your potential supervisor. This is more important for senior position compared to an entry-level job.

6. Internal Transfer Opportunities

Does the job offers the potential to move you to another department? For example if you entered as a finance analyst within finance department, is there any possibility to be deployed to financial reporting function.

7. Strong Career Path

Where can the job lead you to? Career path is the way that you progress in your work, either in one job or in a series of jobs.

If you do well in your job, does the company support personal growth? What are the career trajectories or how can the company support your personal ideas as you move forward?

8. Good Work Life Balance

Your wealth start with your health. Always check if the company considers work and life balance. Do they offer reasonable annual holiday, health insurance etc.

9. Job Security

Some jobs are more secured than others. Job security can be related to ownership structure, the type of job etc. For example many contract jobs can easily be terminated compared to full-time employee who is employed on permanent basis. After all, we all want job security.

10. Strong Employee Development

Your personal growth and development is one of the issue you should always consider on any job offer. Training, study leave, professional membership and other development mechanism is very important.

11. Values Employees’ Contributions

Apart from the salaries and bonus benefits, employers have other ways of appreciating employees’ contributions. For example some firm introduced annual staff awards to recognize more hard-working employees. Is this something important for you?


When evaluating whether to accept a job offer, all above factors should be considered. However, it is important you prioritize them according to your personal situation. Compensation may be your biggest concern at the beginning whiles others are thinking about development and exposure.

What other factor do you think people should consider before accepting job offer ? Share it in the comment box.

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  1. a need to follow these 11 tips will be useful to any job seeker or been employee or employers……keep it up.

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