How Happy Employees Can Lead to a Happy Company

Happy Employees, Happy Customers and More Sales

If you worked for somebody who speaks to you with respect, welcomes your input on company matters, allows for flexibility if personal affairs require urgent attention and regularly praises your contribution, would you want to repay the compliment by going beyond the call of duty to get your work done? More than likely.

Now, let’s say you worked for somebody who is dismissive towards you, is completely closed off to employee input on company matters, is totally inflexible towards emergency situations and routinely criticizes your work. Are you going to be motivated to give your all for the company? Highly unlikely.

It is undeniable that the happiness of a company’s workforce matters a great deal. Employees who are treated with respect and rewarded for their contributions will show a greater commitment to the company and happily go above and beyond to help the company meet its targets. On the other hands, employees who aren’t appreciated by management, or who are subjected to unfair criticism, are much more likely to take a blasé approach to their work, which could result in lost productivity and profitability. Also, if staff are leaving on a regular basis, the costs associated with hiring new employees will mount up.

happy employees and happy companies

Australian payroll and contractor management firm Ayers created this infographic which states in no uncertain terms that there is a distinct correlation between a happy workforce and a thriving company. If you’re involved in a managerial position and you don’t believe in encouraging positive workplace morale, perhaps it’s time to re-evaluate your stance. Your staff will thank you for it – as will the company’s profit margins.




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