My Advice to Young Peoples

Young Peoples are the leaders, parents and entrepreneurs of tomorrow. However they can sometimes be confused about lot of thing that happens in life. In this article, I have gathered 20 key messages specifically to advice young Peoples.

  1. Discipline and Hard Work – The only place where success come before work is the dictionary. With hard work and self discipline the skywill not be your limit.
    1. You need discipline to work hard
    2. You need discipline to listen to your parents
    3. You need discipline to worship God
    4. You need discipline to wake early and go to work or school
    5. You need discipline to ignore that distraction
    6. Discipline is very painful but not as painful as regret and disappointment.
  2. Do not try to impress everyone, it’s impossible. Just be yourself and don’t live up to others.
  3. Try to know yourself. Become your own best friend. Only then, you will know how to be a friend or partner of someone else. young peopleS
  4. Start saving as soon as you can. You never know when a huge business opportunity or emergency will emerge. What you saved today is what you can spend in the future.
  5. Never stop believing in yourself, self-doubt is will slow you down.
  6. Don’t let people walk all over you. Stand for yourself
  7. Don’t hurt people in a wave of conceited actions.
  8. It’s okay to cry and break down. You don’t always have to keep it together and be strong. The big boys and girls do cry too.
  9. The past belongs in the past, leave in the present moment and look forward to the future. Yesterday has gone, we are not sure of tomorrow. Today is all you have and that’s why we called it ” present”.
  10. Let it go, carrying around anger & resentment only slows you down. Reliving the pain daily doesn’t make you a hero.
  11. Focus on your studies, that degree will get you that interview or a dream business, then you can take it from there.
  12. Power and confidence come from within not from what other people think, say or do to you.
  13. Being a good girl doesn’t mean you are boring, just means you are allergic to self-imposed trouble and drama.
  14. Sharing is not always caring when it comes to your personal life! Stop sharing certain personal life issues on Social Medias.
  15. Courage is facing your fears. Stupidity is fearing nothing –Todd Belle
  16. Friendships are like flowers if you nurture them they’ll blossom & if you neglect them they’ll die
  17. Potential is just that potential, it needs your active participation to make it become real
  18. You are responsible for your own happiness and in each moment decide on it
  19. We all have pains and disappointments, trust me they are not exclusive to you. Learn to forget and move on.
  20. People will hurt you, learn to forgive and move on because if you don’t, you carry the burden of the grudge. And of course more blood pressure anytime you think about it.


I hope you found these 20 points useful but I will be glad if you could add your own message to the Young Peoples in the comment box below.

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  1. quite inspiring and educative. worth sharing!

  2. inspiring and educative indeed…thumbs up!

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