How Leaders Can Improve Team Productivity

improve team productivity

Good business efficiency is the key to any successful company and there are often key factors within business management that many leaders neglect or overlook – which can have a huge impact on the efficiency and accomplishments of the team. Leading a team can be challenging and there often aren’t enough hours in the day to do what you need to do in terms of your job responsibilities, let alone focusing on and setting time aside to further improve your team. For every leader managing and improving their team, there will likely be a number of both internal and external factors that need to be addressed.

How do you currently handle your team?

Good leaders will first and foremost see to the happiness of their employees, as it is employees who are responsible for making your business run, the cogs in your machine. When employees are unhappy for whatever reason, you will almost certainly notice a decline in their work and production rate, which will naturally have some sort of effect on your business and its production. It is important that your employees feel supported and valued within the business and you, as a leader, need to be there for them with a positive approach.

Communicate with them regularly, individually and as a team, as this not only keeps you up to date with how they are doing, but you will also have the chance to give and ask for feedback – generating a constant flow of improvement on both ends. It is also important that you provide your team with any training they may need for them to be able to improve in their current job role and even start to advance through the company. Sending out a quiz or for your team can help you to understand the opinions of employees anonymously.

Evaluate how you deal with difficult situations. Are you able to resolve conflict successfully and prevent arguments from escalating? Are you able to sympathise with employees in sensitive situation or who are experiencing in or out of work stress? Taking a look at how you deal with tense situations will allow you to determine how better to keep a positive and peaceful working environment that everyone can enjoy working in.

Establish clear goals

Your business will have its own set of objectives that it is working towards, but you should also set individual objectives for each employee to aim for. This could be allowing them to improve their skills, advance further through the business, setting targets, etc. Whatever training or encouragement they may require, you should allow each individual to shine and actively develop.

It is also important to include your team in the company goals, particularly those who will be setting out to achieve them, as well as encouraging them to contribute with their own ideas. This will make your employees feel invaluable to the business and they will be able to further understand the importance of their job role. This is also a great way to stimulate motivation and productivity! which will definitely improve team performance.

Communication can improve team productivity

Without good communication, your business is bound to have a major breakdown. Communication is the anchor that keeps your company ship steady and sailing, without which, you risk it being lost to a storm. Everyone and everything would be out of sync if no one communicated properly, and no one would have a clue what was going on or what they were supposed to be doing – which is money wasted. Make sure to keep everyone in the loop, include all relevant people in emails, meetings, etc. and be sure to have one to one conversations with employees make sure they are getting on fine.

Socially, communication in the workplace couldn’t be more important. The majority of people will be spending most of their time at work which is why it is critical that employees are bonding. Many lasting friendships are formed over time within the workplace and a positive environment were people get along makes the working day go quicker and enables employees to enjoy coming to work to socialise as well as work, which will boost productivity.

As well as internally within the company, communication skills also work well when it comes to working with clients and representing your business verbally and written. Being clear and informative with clients can make the difference between agreeing to any deals or contracts.

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Laura Morrissey is a writer for Disc Assessment. She shares tips for both employers and employees in working to the best of their ability together. Her specialist areas are motivation and team building.

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