Are you in a Successful Career ?

successful career

For each individual, the definition of a successful career varies greatly and depends on a number of factors. Everyone has their own standards, requirements, necessities and idealistic views, although there will be some similarities and crossovers. For example; are you earning enough and living a comfortable or extravagant life? Are you in your dream job? Are you constantly challenged and progressing through the company? Regardless of your ideas, you may be unsure of where to go next or you may be questioning whether or not you are in the best possible career. Here are a few points to reflect on when considering what a successful career might mean to you.


Many people consider a successful career as doing something which they love. Going into work everyday and immersing yourself in an area/subject you love and are passionate about can be extremely rewarding – even for a limited money. The sense of job satisfaction here is accomplished through their enjoyment of work and lack of interest in money (even though they might have it), as they are doing what they are passionate about – so nothing else matters.

Do you look forward to work every day when you wake up? What would motivate you? There is nothing worse than a soul crushing job, so if you are considering taking alternative steps, then consider what kind of career would benefit your wellbeing, mentally stimulate you and naturally drive you to learn and succeed.


Money makes the world go around! A successful career to some would certainly include an agreeable salary for a comfortable living or perhaps a high salary for an extravagant lifestyle, which provides either the basic necessities in life or material aspects.

Money also equals power to many, a status symbol which raises people above the rest and provides them with a luxurious lifestyle. Having a lot of cash also indicates a high ranking status in the business you work for and having power over those inferior in the company. This can open a lot of doors for some people.

When considering a career path, think about how important money is to you. It may be that you will face a tough decision between a very dull job that offers a lot of money, or a more exciting job with a lower salary. Priorities what it is that you value more.

Knowledge and successful career

Knowledge is priority to some. Personal improvement, mental stimulation and engagement are important to people who also like challenge. You will usually find these types of people in the realm of academia or dotted around companies, individuals serving as a hub spot and source for knowledge. They are usually well respected for their expertise, advancement and unique perspective, always seeking to improve and move on to the next great thing. Conscientious people are usually driven to reach the highest point then can in their area of interest aim to be the pinnacle of knowledge in their subject.

If you are the type of person who needs a lot of engagement and mental stimulation, you may want to consider a career which caters to that, one which suits your abilities. Success for this type of person will mean advancing fully in their field and dedicating their life towards consistent learning and personal improvement – becoming the best.

Teaching and Training

Similar to those who value knowledge, some people embark on a career path that almost works in reverse, in that they wish to help or educate people. The greatest success for them is not obtained by improving themselves, but by improving others and thus helping them to achieve great things – being the vehicle that drives them. Often a blend of nurturing and informative, these people are satisfied when they see others happy, the success lying in the knowledge that they helped other people get to that fantastic point in their lives.

Aside from the many other indicators of a successful career, it is important to take time and consider carefully what it is you want to get from a particular role. After, we spend a large chunk of our lives at work so it should therefore be important to evaluate yourself and your present/potential career carefully in order to ensure you are on the right track and welcoming great positivity and benefits into to your life.

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