CVs & Resumes: Get Them Right to Get the Job

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Do you know how many job applications an employer will have to sift through simply to compile a shortlist of candidates to interview for a vacancy? Are you aware of how little time a recruiter has to devote to reviewing an application? Such is the dog-eat-dog nature of the jobs market today that no applicant can afford to be casual about their CV or résumé. Otherwise, their chances of finding the right employment are slim to nonexistent.

An Australian payroll and contractor management company Ayers created an infographic which spells out clearly why it is so important to have a well written CV and resume.

Can you imagine how many applicants have been shot down instantly because of something as careless as a spelling mistake or inconsistency in presentation? These aren’t difficult things to get right, which is why a recruiter will be totally ruthless if an applicant has failed to ensure that these are done properly.

It is also crucial to ensure that any claim you make in your application or CV is backed up by solid evidence. Employers are fed up of seeing CVs and resumes from people who describe themselves as hard workers, good communicators, proactive and team players, without ever demonstrably showcasing why they are all of these things. If you can provide a tangible example of something you did that made a difference, you are already streets ahead of the majority of applicants.

If you have been unsuccessfully applying for jobs for a prolonged period of time, read this infographic below and take another look at your CV and resume to see if you can spot any fundamental flaws. Recognize your mistakes and eradicate them so that an employer will never know you made them and may just call you for an interview for a job that could ultimately be yours.

cv and resume for job searching


This article was written by Colin Cuthbert, the Marketing Manager of Ayers, a payroll and contractor management solutions company in Australia. He has held the position since June 2012 and he previously worked as Head of Sales & Business Development with Lester Associates, as well as being a joint-owner of Contours gym in Dulwich Hill.

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