How to Write a LinkedIn Profile to Get Your Dream Job?


LinkedIn, the most popular professional social networking site is a platform has given ample scope for job seekers and job providers to link and interact. Currently, there are approximately 467 million people connected via LinkedIn profiles. And, out of these, 106 million are truly active. If you too aspire to get closer to your dream company or job, you need to take care of the LinkedIn profile building part. A professionally striking profile can, in fact, be the key to your dream job through LinkedIn.

Profile writing through professionals

Today, when social networking has much penetrated into our lives, companies and recruiters to tend to be smarter to utilize these platforms to get their work done with ease. The first thing that hiring companies do nowadays when they come across a CV is to check their LinkedIn profiles and other social networking profiles. Moreover, isn’t it better to be discovered by the recruiters on the basis of your skill set and experience instead of self-hunting for positions? Of course, it is!

While you may have been in the industry for long, still there comes a time when you need to narrow down your search and niche. So, it is best to get an excellent profile write up that is eye-catching and honest as well. A profile that prudently outlines your professional experiences and works as a marketing tool for you. If you are a professional who finds it difficult to play with words or has a time issue, the best alternative is to look for affordable LinkedIn profile writing services. LinkedIn is really dynamic, there is, in fact, a lot more than you may even comprehend. Hence, profile writing services can better help you with an excellent piece of the profile.

Profile writing for LinkedIn is not like a morning walk, and it neither rocket science even. It is a bit tricky. Few important things to keep in mind while drafting a LinkedIn profile are:

  • First, be very well acquainted with LinkedIn features and use.
  • Apply ‘demand pull’ skills for yourself. Observe what recruiters or employers are seeking, then create your profile
  • Try to be bit descriptive while forming the profile title. Express your skills and profile summary in few words.
  • Mention about your work history in a more creative way
  • Make sure the summary is short and eye-catching

Try to incorporate below-mentioned points as well:

  • Mention the industry you are keen about and the location you would prefer.
  • Attach a formal photograph of your own because a picture speaks a thousand words.
  • Describe your own self in a couple of lines
  • Add the responsibilities you are handling in your current profile
  • Your strengths and skill set

However, the process is a bit time-consuming and may seem quite complex to handle, that is why you may opt to look for a professional who can write your profile.LinkedIn profile writing services are available at various costs. Manage your budget, create it and grab the job you want.

Additional food for thought

A LinkedIn profile is much more than your hard copy CV. Therefore try to be as creative and smart as you can, remaining honest at the same time. This is because fake profiles don’t get any additional benefits. Recruiters are a step ahead always and know all ways to sieve out the profile that is worth.

Recruiters are busy to the core; they will take you at face value. Try to incorporate the most searched keywords in your LinkedIn profile. By doing this, you will be able to target the right industry, the right job and bless yourself in the real sense.

As the saying goes, ‘if you think you are beautiful, you will look beautiful’. Simply, if you are serious about your own profile, your profile will look same too. Remember! Profiles that are complete are viewed 7 times more. They are 11 times more sought after if they have a photograph of them. If you mention about your previous experiences, you are 12 times more viewed, now do as you want. There is a reason why LinkedIn has got separate sections. LinkedIn profile building is not tough, just take your time and do what is needed. You want a job and there are jobs providers available to get explored.


In the cut-throat competition of today, you have to follow the trend. Else, people will not give you a second look. Self-help is the best to help. Try to understand what is it that you want in your professional life and seek progress as it needs to be.

Julie Higgs is an enthusiastic writer and her passion is guest posting. Besides, she works as a content manager and she likes her job. Julie believes that her articles help people to start a career and achieve success. Her life motto is “Success is simple. Do what`s right, the right way, at the right time”.

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