7 Activities That Can Make You More Productive

productive activities

It’s important to try and make your day as productive as possible, especially at work. Usually, there are two different ways to do so, either working smarter or putting in more hours, but we can all agree on one thing, we’d rather work a little smarter.

Below, we’ll go over some activities that can make you more productive and get more out of the day.

1. Track How Much Time You’re Spending on Tasks

Even if you think you’re doing a great job at limiting how much time you spend on tasks, you can probably optimize yourself a little better. In fact, according to research, nearly 17 percent of people can improve the amount of time they spend on daily tasks. Using tools, such as Rescue Time, can help you learn how much you spend on everyday tasks, including word processing, social media, email, and other time-consuming activities.

2. Regular Exercise

Researchers at the University of Bristol found that employees that work out before work or during lunch breaks handle their workload better than those who don’t get enough exercise. Additionally, it also showed that people’s moods greatly improved on days they exercised, compared to days they didn’t.

3. Reading

Reading is one of the healthiest activities you can take part in to keep yourself more productive. Plus, it can easily be done in your downtime or whenever you get a break. Studies have also shown that reading can help you learn new habits and behaviors quicker, which will lead to making you a more effective person over time. Try to read something helpful as well like personal development.

4. Yoga

Yoga is well known to be one of the most productive hobbies that you can take up. It’s incredibly easy to fit into your schedule and can help improve both your mind and body. In addition to allowing you to be a more spiritual and emotional person, it also helps you become more productive and prepared over time.

5. Writing

Writing is an incredibly helpful hobby that you can practice in your spare time. Not only does it allow you to become more compassionate and show more self-compassion, but it also serves as an outlet for any lingering throughs or feelings. From writing plays to journal entries, writing helps you become more creative while staying productive at the same time.

6. Spending Time Outdoors

Going for a hike, camping, or just spending some time in nature can have serious benefits, especially when it comes to improving productivity. Researchers at the University of Michigan discovered that people who took a walk in nature experienced a 20 percent improvement in focus and attention testing. Our minds profit when we spend time taking in the sights and sounds of nature.

7. Daydreaming

Though daydreaming may seem counterproductive, it can actually help you to be more productive. However, to receive the benefits, you should daydream regularly and correctly. Daydreaming allows you to access your creativity and think of ideas that you may not have had before. You may even come up with the solution to a problem that you are facing at work.
Additionally, if your daydreaming ends up becoming a nap, you could be in for even more benefits. According to recent studies, a 20 minute afternoon catnap can improve memory retention, offer more clarity, and boost focus. When you feel well rested, you can be your best, most productive self.

When you are feeling unfocused or unproductive, sometimes the best thing you can do is take your mind off the task at hand. By completing any one of these activities, you can become more productive.

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Matthew Snider is a writer, a personal development junkie and a regular blogger at Self Development Secrets. Matt, with his one-quarter Asian descent, did not start out as a writer, but he says, “the love for a subject is the most important aspect of writing. The readers want to read something written by someone who understands them.”

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    seven activities is supposed to be the great efforts to wards improving the stamina of every work person ‘
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