Our Top Blog on Personal Success in 2015

top blog post on personal success

2015 was a great year for us at Success Values blog. We believe that many of our readers would love know some of our top blog post on personal success during the year. To make it simple, we have picked our 10 top blog posts you have read in 2015.

1. Happiness and Sadness are part of our Life

Sometimes you may be happy and sometimes be sad; that is the way of life. Sadness remind us the important of happiness in our life. Sadness also give us the opportunity to ask for change and offer a better way of living. We used the story of former JPM banker who left his job to fight for his son’s life.

2. Five Important Questions to Ask Successful People

Boston Language Institute sent us a guest post on the questions one should ask a successful person anytime you met one. You may not be planning to meet a successful person this year but opportunity knocks on just once. Therefore; prepared yourself with questions in case you meet that one person you considered very successful in life.

3. How to Pass Professional Exam

As a professional accountant and experience lecturer, I realised that most people failed their exam before seeing the questions. So I have decided to share 11 common sense tips on how to pass any professional exam. It talked about personal confidence, studying your notes and writing the exams.

Oh very helpful post: This particular post has the highest number of visitors’ comment in 2015. Experience is the best and worse teacher.

4. 6 Ways to Be More Productive on the Weekends

Another Guest author post which discussed about how to be productive during the weekend. The author revealed that our weekend activities affects our week day performance. So why not turn off email notification and perform some weekend exercises.

5. How Positive Thinking Affects Your Life

The elimination of negative emotions is the most important single step you can take toward health, happiness, and personal wellbeing. In fact, researchers have concluded that negative thinking can increase the risk of heart attack.

Other top blog post includes :

6. How to Make Yourself More Valuable

7. Factors to Consider When Accepting Job Offer

8. 10 Essential of Effective Communication.

9. How to Get an International Job

10. Leadership Quotes For Every Aspiring Leader


Also during the year, we have published 76 new blog posts, 20,000 views and 12,000 unique visitors. Thank you for inspiriting us to continue writing and we wish you all the best in 2016.

Feel free to share your favorite top blog posts with us.

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