Success leaves clues are you looking ?

success clues

You may heard of the phrase “Success leaves clues”. It is a very powerful message which most people do not understand or fail to properly use.

In his best-selling book Unlimited Power, Tony Robbins said  “If you want to achieve success, all you need to do is find a way to model those who have already succeeded.”

There are lots of success clues around US. Today, we have access to more knowledge, ideas, peoples and innovation compared to 50 years back. We should use these success clues to help us achieve our dreams.

Jack Canfield also talks about success clues in Success Principles book. He said when you take advantage of information, you’ll discover that life is simply a connect-the-dots game, and all the dots have already been identified and organized by somebody else. All you have to do is follow the blueprint, use the system, or work the program that they provide.

This does not means we cannot be innovative but virtually everything we want to do, there is a course or book on how to do it. Better still, we have access to our teachers, mentors, advisors, coaches or consultants who can provide support and guidance.

It is important we pay close attention to those successful people in our profession who make things happen even in the turbulent times. We should learn and emulate them. Let assume that you want to be a successful accountant. You can adapt the following summary steps:

  • Set your specific and measurable goal – This should be the dreams and aspirations of who you want to be. Do not start with “success” but start with your passion.
  • Find someone who has already done it. In this case a successful accountant in your city or country.
  • Study and learn how they started and grow their profession. This should also include the challenges they faced.
  • Start to follow the steps that made them successful. However, you need to be careful as the circumstance and time would be different. The idea is not to copy them but understand how they did it and appreciate what they went through.
  • If it is possible, ask the person to be your mentor. This will allow you to ask some specific questions. The other option is to read their biography, if available.

Still on the principle of success clues, Brain Tracy also indicated that you will be successful in proportion to which you find out what other successful people are doing, and then do the same things yourself over and over again.

What other success clues did you learned from successful people ? I learned that they focus on their passion.

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