How to Push Yourself Towards Positive Productivity


Life is not always a very pleasurable experience, it hits you and pleases you in all sorts of different ways and at times when you least expect anything to happen to you. These are the time when not things but ‘people’ happen to you. This might be sounding stupid right now, but if you sit down and listen to what the explanation is all about, you can understand why ‘people’ became a thing that affect you. We are bound to be attached to people through a set of relationships. There is an entity of what we call a family and every other relationship is a subset of that main family tree. Every relationship thus possesses a set of relationship rules that need to be kept an eye on because if there’s something troubling within the boundary of a relationship there’s a chance that the effects will disperse like ripples on water. It is because of all kinds of relationships happening around us in our immediate as well as farther environment that our entire life circle is affected by it in one minor to major way. A small quarrel back at home really does affect your work balance inside the office and a mishap within the office becomes a nuisance back at home. So when a broken umbrella doesn’t affect your mood, your boss pointing out a wet employee is definitely going to ruin it for you. This is why I say that if things aren’t going wrong for you, ‘people’ will. This is why most of the times our relationships with people really impact our motivation to work well. Stay positive in your life and career. Indeed there are a number of ways in which this lack of motivation and an occupied mind can be utilized otherwise.

1. Accept the Pain and Discomfort

This is the hardest of all the parts and needs to be discussed and moved on with, in the first place. There are going to be irritating and annoying, bosses, supervisors and even colleagues but the best way to maximize your productivity is to accept these hurdles in your work life. Embrace the pain that is brought on to you through these people because truth is you discussing your discomfort is not going to bring a 1% change in their attitude towards you so to think this way is wasting the time that you have during official hours. Instead embrace the differences and enjoy the aspect of working even harder to prove their concerns wrong (though we all know their initial concerns are already wrong). Work your butt hard enough to eventually make it a proof for your future success that harsh and unsuitable working environment has no effect on your ability to utilize your personal capabilities.

2. Reward yourself Accordingly

work productivityThis is more like the ‘weight loss’ rule, where it is your job to be your own judge and give way a verdict for both your good and bad behaviors. The same rule applies here as well. Better productivity means you have better chances of finishing your job on time and producing quality work. Now productivity does not mean rushing into a job, it requires you to pay maximum attention to the allotted task and to produce quality work in the given time. This good effort of yours should be rightfully rewarded with either a warm cup of coffee or a fresh doughnut? If not that there are plenty of other ways to reward as well.  You must be a ‘just’ judge, and for that reason to ignore your mistakes is the biggest fault. As much as your good efforts need to be rewarded, your incompetency should be punished as well. If a task required a straight one hour effort and you spent 25mins of it browsing the internet for nothing, and turning out exceeding the time limit of the job from 1 hour to 1.5hr or more than the most apt punishment is to disconnect yourself from the internet for the rest of the day.

3. Embrace Habits

What one needs to learn is that habits are what stick to you throughout your life. Both good and bad habits once embraced are hard to be forgotten. If you have been programmed in the form of a good habit to wash your hands before having a meal there’s a very small chance for it to not happen throughout your life. Likewise, mothers often make sure that they instill as many good habits in their children as possible and it is in fact because of good nourishing skills that the most productive people in the world are blessed with some really generous and motivating good habits. Good habits are actually what pump positive energy within you. If you stop and take 5 extra minutes just so you could help an old lady cross the road, then that positive energy of being able to help someone will drive you towards better work at office. Similarly, the habit to focus on your work and not to waste time receiving unnecessary calls and replying to unimportant text messages will actually increase your productivity to two-folds.

4. Focus on Health

A healthy body means better productivity and focus on work. If you’re always tired, lazy, irritated or annoyed than there are some very important background issues related to your health that need to be at the earliest. Any issue concerning your mental or physical health will be affecting your work routine and capabilities to perform better. It is always suggested to induce fitness in lifestyle so that health doesn’t become a negative factor to move you off track from your work.

Wake up early and plan your day ahead. Always include some physical activity in your life (be it workout, sports, swimming etc). These physical activities add to your overall well being and also boost your mental health.

5. Focus on your Goal:

focus on productivityThere’s always a question regarding your 5 year goal in every interview that you attend. The interviewer inquires you about your insight regarding where you see yourself in the coming 5 years. This is where they judge you regarding your life goals and your intentions to benefit from the job and in return produce for the job. A blank mind and an amateur goal will result in an unimpressed employer. Not only does a vague life goal will keep you skeptical about every decision that you intend to make. You won’t ever realize when to take a risk and when not to. Good opportunities will keep on coming and going as you wouldn’t have any clue what do you actually want from your life. Therefore, the first thing you need to fix about your life has to be your goal.

There’s so much that needs to be done about life and to get from life but all it needs is some proper planning. In fact a motivated and productive life and career is basically a well-planned life. So, visualize your life like an empty canvas and place everything strategically and with all the love, of course.

BIO : Sarah Sandra is a Senior Writer for, an avid reader, fashion and make up enthusiast who simply lives to write and talk about all kinds of stuff. Focusing on open-relationship rules these days and especially about the signs he’s cheating you!

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