How to Keep Commercial Property Clean & Organized

It is not only logical and obvious, but now also scientifically proven that order is a far better work motivator than mess is. Some of the most recent researches in this field have shown that when hygiene and order in your workspace are on the highest level, so is your productivity. Still, this positive, sometimes even invaluable, connection is not the only reason why you should always keep your commercial property clean.commercial property


Why Does It Matter?

As the popular proverb goes, you can never get a second chance to make a good first impression. Regardless if you have guests visiting your home or clients/potential clients visiting your workplace the level of order and hygiene is going to be crucial in the formation of their immediate opinion of you/your business. In the first case scenario, they can only form a negative opinion of you as a messy and irresponsible person, but in second case scenario consequences can be even direr.

It is one thing if your friends are not impressed with the way you organize your sock drawer and completely another if your clients think that you are unworthy of their trust. However inconvenient both of these cases can be one of them directly jeopardizes your livelihood. Therefore, in order for this not to happen to you, you need to learn how to keep the level of cleanness on your commercial property on a satisfactory level.


Paperwork Organization

This step is extremely important, since it not only keeps your office cleaner but can also make your job significantly easier. When it comes to keeping your office clean and neat, organizing your paperwork is the key. This can be done in a great number of manners, alphabetically, according to date or significance, but the key thing is that you choose one that fits your needs the best and stick by it.

Another effective step in preventing your office in becoming buried in papers is resorting to digital versions of files and documents whenever possible. Encourage your employees to digitalize their entries or even try to scan some of the already existing files. In this way, since it leads to the reduction of paper usage you can also make some significant financial savings on paper purchases, as well as transform your office into a more eco-friendly place.


Dust: Office Enemy Number One

The harmfulness of dust is a common knowledge. Still, apart from it being damaging to most of your office appliances, it poses a significant health hazard for your employees, thus claiming the rightful place as number one enemy of your office. As if all of this was not enough trouble, dust is easy to notice by any of the office visitors and is bound to ensure that they leave your company with mostly negative impression about both you and the place.commercial property

The best way to fight this menace, to everyone’s benefit, is with the use of a commercial steam cleaner. Apart from being very thorough and devastating to most of the known bacteria, this way of cleaning is also extremely eco-friendly, since it consumes no harmful chemicals in order to clean your premises. This way, you can also protect the environment while making your office presentable for anyone’s visit.


Restroom Disinfection

There is probably no step that is more important for the protection of your employees’ health than proper restroom disinfection. The fact that office restrooms are number one complaint of most of the employees, at least when it comes to the level of hygiene in the workplace, makes them a place that should especially be under a sanitation loophole.

Restroom sinks, counters and floor should be swept clean as much as possible, with special care and dedication, since otherwise, they can pose a significant health hazard. Also, it is as important, for the general hygiene level in the office, that soap and towel dispensers are refilled and checked upon on a regular basis.

With all this in mind, you will be well on your way to create work environment that is both aesthetically simulating for both your employees and your clients and health hazard free for everyone in it. Your livelihood may often depend on the way in which you are able to present your business or your company, but when it comes to your health and that of your employees this is when you simply cannot afford to make a compromise.


Author Bio: If one thing can be said with certainty for about Lillian Connors, her mind is nothing if not utterly curious. That’s the reason why she simply can’t resist the urge to embark on all sorts of home and office improvement projects and spread the word about them. She’s currently in charge of the sustainability segment on Smooth Decoractor. You can check her out on Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.


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  1. Lucy webster (@LucydesignWeb) | 29-May-2015 at 15:20 | Reply

    Its great to see that you mention a reduction of paperwork ! it would be great to have paper-free offices in the near future to benefit the health of employees and the environment 🙂 such a positive and useful article Lillian 🙂 thank you !

    • Thank you Lucy. Our environment and health is very important. Papers are produced from tree, they can carry dusts and some consumers burn their trashes which can also causes air pollution.

  2. Thank you Mortgagecrow. We appreciate your feedback.

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