Good Ideas: How Quantity Affect Success

Do you know your ability and commitment to generate good ideas affects your success? Yes, you can increase the odds in your favour by constantly seeking more new good ideas to help you achieve your goals.

For example if you are assigned to recommend a suitable solution to an issue, you will be expected to compile a number of ideal solutions with their pros and cons before even coming to a conclusion.

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Similarly, decision making process recommends identification of alternative options before making a choice. These options are simply the number of different ideas that could be relevant to the decision making.

As Brain Tracy said, there is direct link between the quality and quantity of ideas and the success you generate to achieve your circumstance.

The good Ideas are the key to the future and primary source of value for anyone. The more good ideas you generate, the more likely it is that you will discover the right idea at the right time for you.

The best way to have good ideas is to have lots of ideas.

Let say, you intend to grow your business turnover by 20% in the next two years. You will need to generate lots of ideas on how to achieve this growth. Your initial focus should be to generate more ideas like Einstein who is famous for his theory of relativity, but published over 200 other papers.

Remember that ideas themselves have no value. Generating good ideas on papers will not help you achieve any goal without action. You have to work harder, implement your idea and be focus. All the great ideas in the world won’t make a business, if the ideas never get implemented. It is your ability and commitment to apply the idea in such a way that will bring good results.

As the year moves on, I therefore encourage you to work out those good ideas you have. It could be an idea about how to improve your performance, new business idea etc. Do not think that you are not creative because your ideas that are regarded as dumb today could be the groundbreaking idea tomorrow. You should also get into the habit of capturing your ideas as they comes. You could use paperwork, voice recorder or smartphones.

Eleanor Roosevelt said “Great minds discuss ideas. Average minds discuss events. Small minds discuss people.”

How do you generate more ideas for your goals?

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