Free course: How to become a bestselling author before Christmas

free bestselling author course

It’s not too late to publish your book this year. Check out this online course (I got you free tickets).

If you want 6-pack abs or a spotless house this year, my friend Chandler Bolt can’t help you.

Not even a little.

But if you want to become a bestselling author and use your book to build passive income/grow your business, you’ll want to hear everything he has to say.

Because Chandler went from college dropout and C-minus English student to 6X bestselling author (and multi 7-figure business owner) in just 2 years.

It wasn’t a fluke.

And what Chandler did wasn’t impossible.

He just studied what thousands of top authors before him spent decades pioneering, then tested, refined, and build a system best on the most effective strategies and systems.

And he just created a video course that reveals the system that took him there.

Here’s the best part: Since I know him, I got you a free VIP access (click here to access the course for free)

This mini-course is broken down into 3 training videos and exercises that show you exactly how to write & publish your first book – in just 30 minutes a day.

You’ll even learn how to maximize book sales and use your book to build a 7-figure business, brand, or following – if you want.

Even use your book to quit your 9-5 and escape the “rat race.”

And – most importantly – you’ll have a published book you can be proud of, one that other people love and compliment you on.

You can get Chandler’s best strategies and secrets to become an author — you don’t even have to leave your house.

Here’s just some of what you’ll discover:

  •  The EXACT blueprint to go from blank page to bestselling author in just 90 days — even if you’re busy, bad at writing, or don’t know where to start
  • How to build momentum and FINALLY cross out “write a book” on your bucket list
  • The Bestselling Book Launch Blueprint: How to turn your book into a bestseller, including Amazon’s “Rule of 3” Secret that maximizes sales
  • Case studies of 3 bestselling authors who made $1,287, $5,500, even $12,424.03 just from their books — with even more royalty checks coming in every month
  • How Chandler turned 1 book into a 7-figure business featured in Business Insider

You don’t need a book idea, writing talent, or lots of time to start.

There’s just one catch: Chandler only wants me to give access to readers who take action.

If you’re checking this out for entertainment, it’s probably not for you.

But if you want to get over the hurdle, publish your first book, and have the option to turn it into something even bigger… I think you’ll wish you’d had this years ago.

Click here to get in for free and start watching now.

P.S. In case you skipped ahead, my friend Chandler is revealing how you can become a published author in 2017– including the exact system that took him from college dropout to bestselling author and 6-figure business owner in just a year (and 7 figures and 6 best-selling books by year three).

I’m not sure how long this course will be available, so click the link above to claim your free spot and watch the video training now.

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