Five Ways to Encourage Employees to Bring Out Their Best

Many company leaders and managers still the one-size-fits-all approach in handling their employees. They earn the trust, build respect and loyalty, and push team collaboration in only one approach they know how. Often, they are perceived to be disconnected and out of touch with their employees. They do not try to know or understand what makes them team tick.

It is important to always remember that a happy team or employee equates to productivity – which is very important to companies as much as an increase in revenues. Leaders in both big and small businesses have to understand that handling a team of employees is like cooking. It requires different ingredients to be mixed to produce food. And quality ingredients is key to quality produce.

Thankfully, though things are always better said than done, bringing out the best in your employees doesn’t need fanfare or other ridiculous rituals. Here are five ways you can do to help them be their best:

Lead by example

As a leader, your employees don’t just listen to you or so what you expect them to do. Their eyes also look at the minute details that you may not seem to mind so much about yourself. The way you come to work, you talk, you bring yourself, and how you handle the team, all have a spectrum of effects on them. Your mood sets the climate in your office. If you woke up on the wrong side of the bed, calm yourself down first and keep it in mind that your employees had no idea and involvement of the things that happened before you came into the office. Remember that a happy environment is also a factor that helps increase productivity.

Start with the small

While goals are naturally set high, sometimes leaders set them too far up that the employees begin to lose sight of the now. For example, while it is not wrong to aim at tripled revenue for the company, you might forget to incorporate the other important steps needed to help achieve that goal. You can start giving your employees smaller tasks in weekly or monthly basis. These tasks have to be relevant to the bigger goal you have for the company. That way, you won’t be adding unnecessary pressure to your employees, and you keep them right on track towards your goal. It’s a win-win for everyone because you involve them in the process of making something big and relevant for the company.

Give significance

Employees thrive in appreciation. No matter how small or how far down they are at the company’s positions level, they need to be appreciated for their contributions are to the company. A manager and a maintenance employee may have a gaping difference in their positions, but both have contributed the same to the company.

When you make them feel appreciated, they also feel that their existence in the company is significant.  Getting appreciation inspires them to do better at what they do. It doesn’t need a flare or a lot of congratulatory cheers from everybody. Just a small pat on the back goes a long way for an employee.

Be generous

Incentives are productivity boosters. It is also a form of appreciation that employees receive. Although a cash incentives are great incentives, it doesn’t have to be your only option. You can offer rewards such as gift cheques, coupons, free movie tickets, or free dining at a restaurant.

Groom them to become better

All of us do not want to be stuck with anything. We always want to be moving and moving forward. Employees are not any different. They will feel more motivated when they are looking forward to something more. Offer them opportunities where they can improve themselves and have the chance at climbing up their career ladders.  Don’t make an impression that they are working at a dead-end job where there’s no chance for them to grow and become successful at what they do best.  This also gives a good reputation for your company.

Employees are the lifeline of our companies. Without them, the company would not be able to function. Remember not to take them for granted. With these 5 tips listed above, you will definitely have a happier bunch of employees under your umbrella.

Author Bio: Sarah Jacobs

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