4 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Choosing A Career!

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We all hear several pieces of advice regarding our career choice. As we grow up, however, the seriousness of a career decision is felt all too quickly. People tend to give us opinions based on their personal experiences. But we need to understand that it is our life, so we have different temperament, priorities, and choices in life.

As they say, if you can make a career out of it, you’ll never work a day in your life. Everyone has something that they enjoy doing. So if you make a career out of your hobby, you can’t get better than this. However, there is a lot more when it comes choosing a career path. So if you are going to take a final decision on your career choice, you first need to answer these questions:

1. What Are My Passions And Skills?

We all have some kind of passion. This could be a sport, cooking, writing, or even something like babysitting. Any of these interests/skills may become a career if you consistently work on them. For example, there’s no embarrassment in enjoying babysitting. You could very well turn it into a successful daycare business.

Your passion should not be restricted to something vague and overreaching, like ‘I want to save the world’. Look out for your specific strengths that can take you towards this goal. If you want to be a writer, you can aim to attend workshops, write something every day, start looking for publishers, etc.

2. What I Like Enjoying The Most?

After one’s passion and interests, there comes a set of skills. One may pick up a spoon and some ingredients for the first time and come up with an excellent dish. He can become a good chef. Similarly, you may start teaching and find yourself fully immersed in the classroom experience. You can become a teacher. Simply put, if you find a certain task easy, you should definitely consider making a career out of it.

Of course, there’s a risk that a career based on such skills won’t be too challenging. However, when one is adept at a certain level, they can and should push themselves to the next level.

3. Where Do I Want To Live?

Perhaps you’ve always dreamed of moving out of your dreamy little village or your claustrophobic, bustling city. Don’t be too afraid to make your dreams come true by seeking a career in a location you’ve always wanted to live in. for example, if you love the countryside and feel comfortable there, you can choose a career in archaeology.
Other than comfort, one should also look at the amenities provided in a certain location. You may have to live in an apartment rather than the house you’re used to. Besides, the culture and lifestyles offered in an area may provide attractions or turn-offs for you.
It’s important that your career is not draining on you. This is especially true if you work makes you live in a place that depresses you and takes away your motivation.

4. What Type Of Job Would I Prefer?

Some may like the predictability and stability of a corporate job, others may need more flexibility. Consider whether you like the opportunity to work from home, take occasional vacations, overtime potential, etc.

Wrapping Up…

Choosing a career involves a deep and honest look into yourself. Once you know exactly what you want to make out of your life and your time, a career would open itself up eventually. It’s not just about how much money you would earn, but whether you’d be happy in doing so. All in all, if you are miserable at the very thought of your current job, it’s probably not worth it.

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