10 Most Dangerous Jobs in the World and their Pay

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Do you know how dangerous is your chosen career? May be you have never checked that before. Workplace injuries can happen in any office, sometimes highly innocuously, but there is statistical evidence to show that the likelihood of injury or even death in some jobs is more probable than in others. Even if a company implements every health and safety policy in the world, it is still the employees’ responsibility to adhere to these, and even those who do can be the victims of circumstance.

Canadian safety services company Mission Safety Services created an infographic which outlines the 10 most dangerous jobs in the world according to the rate of fatalities per 100,000 workers. Among the jobs featured on the list are construction workers, who operate dangerous power tools; farmers working with animals and heavy machinery; roofers, who work from heights; and fishers, who take to the open water on a daily basis.

Tales of people who lose their lives in the line of work are tragically all too common, so it is vital to always exercise safety in the workplace, no matter how low-risk your working environment may seem. If your job is featured in the infographic, the probability of encountering danger is bigger than most others, so be sure to take extra care the next time you go to work.

Infograhic – 10 Dangerous Jobs and their Pays

Most Dangerous Jobs in the world and what they pay

Next time you are advising your friend, family or mentee about career, it may be helpful to include some information about the world most dangerous jobs. Career success cannot be achieve without any safety and precautions.


Devin Jollimore is a Training Co-ordinator for Mission Safety Services (www.missionsafety.com), a Canadian-based company which offers a high level of industry safety services and safety training. He is dedicated to teaching others about safe practices in the workplace and encouraging all workers to adhere to these practices.


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